The insert prize wheel is the most versatile prize wheel on the market today. Each insert  wheel is laminated with a unique dry erase film which allows you to write on wedges to quickly change prizes. The black insert tracks allow you to print your own custom wedges using our templates. You now have the flexibility to create a completely new look for every event. The center cap is stationary and does not spin, The cap can be imprinted in full color at no additional charge.
32" wheel shown on the default table top frame
40" wheel shown on the  
    default floor frame

OG-16-INS-12Insert your graphics wheel16"$189 $180   $171     $162

OG-24-INS-12Insert your graphics wheel24"$279 $266   $245     $230

OG-32-INS-12Insert your graphics wheel32"$369 $355   $327     $310

OG-40-INS-12Insert your graphics wheel40"$679 $639   $599     $554

OG-48-INS-12Insert your graphics wheel48"$899 $849   $799     $749

OG-60-CUS-12      Insert your graphics wheel       60"$1370       $1320  $1299   $1249

24" wheel shown on the
 default table top frame